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Palma De Mallorca Franchisee, Andre Ruffell

Andre Ruffell

Andre began playing the guitar at 13, now an accomplished singer, guitarist and song writer he has over a decade of experience in music. Andre was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up in Mallorca and the UK. He attended Queen's College, one of Mallorca's leading international schools until the age of 16. Andre then moved to the UK as the music education in Mallorca was limited, to pursue a career as a professional musician.


Andre has taught guitar and singing privately and in schools for 5 years. He has taught all ages, from children as young as 5 to adults in their 70's. He is now one of The Rock Projects youngest business owners. Andre started working for 'The Rock Project' in 2017 after seeing the chain rapidly expanding and seeing the franchise as an undeniable opportunity. He has launched his business in Palma De Mallorca with a plan to expand the franchise across Spain.


Andre has been a professional touring and recording musician from the age of 18. He won the local 'Maidenhead Battle Of Bands' in 2009 with his first band Vintage Crow, in which he was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. After relentless gigging and releasing a few singles, Vintage Crow entered the London scene playing local gigs. Andre and close friend and colleague Zak Muller who played lead guitar for Vintage Crow, were invited to join a band called 'Wild Lies'. This took them from localized success to broad horizons which led to touring across Europe. This career gave Andre experience of management, dealing with top labels and world renowned record producers.


In 2016 Andre toured Europe supporting Iron Maiden playing in 10 countries, meeting many of his favourite bands and musicians, where he was able to pick their brains and learn as much as possible about the business side of the music industry.


Having experienced this side of the professional music industry, Andre decided to follow his passion for music through teaching and writing his own music. Andre is now creating his own music taking the role of song writer, singer and guitarist as being the front man is truly where his heart lies. Wild Lies remain strong, Andre recorded their debut album with them before his departure which is due to be released soon.

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Andre in action!

Rock Project students performing on stage.

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