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Cardiff & Swansea Franchisee, Ben Tiffin

Ben Tiffin

Ben has always loved listening to music, acquiring his first Iron Maiden mix tape when aged 9.  His initial experience of performing music stems from playing single finger piano, and 12 years singing in a church choir.  The catalyst however was listening to a tape recording of a friend's teenage band playing Metallica and the flame was ignited, inspiring the idea that mere mortals could actually play rock music.


It still took several years to realise that even spanish acoustic guitars can be used to play  Enter Sandman and then the acquisition of an electric guitar and amplifier, combined with discovering tablature meant that Ben was going places.

Today, he is a married father of 3 whose degree in theology makes him a part time school RE teacher.  In his comprehensive school, he also offers lots of extra curricular music/band work with pupils which has enabled him to develop skills in piano, drums and bass in order to offer support in each instrument and allow pupils to work together on the stage.


He plays 2/3 gigs per month in two Swansea bands, the Matches and the Flames, and has been known to enter and win the occasional Will Ferrell lookalike competition!!!

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Rock Project students performing on stage.

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