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North West Wales Franchisee, Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson

Mark has been passionate about music since he fell in love with rock at the age of 12.  He credits his drumming with keeping him sane through his school exams, as well as providing him with some of his best childhood experiences and closest friendships.

He’s spent most of his adult life setting up and running social enterprises and playing drums and piano in his spare time.  Last year, Mark’s son, Sam, started learning bass guitar.  They looked around for somewhere he could meet other kids and play in a band.  When he couldn’t find anywhere in North West Wales he decided to open The Rock Project in Llandudno.

“Music is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  But it only really comes alive when you get chance to play with others in a band.  It teaches you teamwork and patience, and gives you self-confidence.  But most of all it gives you the chance to stand on stage, belting out your favourite rock song and feeling like a rock star!  That’s the experience I want to offer kids in North Wales!”

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Rock Project students performing on stage.

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