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Milton Keynes Franchisee, Chris Allum

Chris Allum

Chris has always been an eager musician since learning drums at the age of 12. When Chris reached the required age to play in his local venues, he was straight in there, organising performances with various bands and gigging as much as possible. Chris did not make music his career to begin with however and was a chef for 3 years, but used all of his spare time to embrace music. During this time he also learnt how to play the bass guitar after falling in love with the driving bass riffs from funk acts such as James Brown.

When Chris reached the age of 19, he made a decision to leave catering behind and start his career in music. He spent the next 4 years acquiring a National Diploma and Degree in Music Performance at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, this helped Chris have a broader and more in depth knowledge of music and of how the industry worked. During his time at University Chris continued working with various bands playing anything from jazz to metal but his main focus was performing bass in the funk/soul band “Mojo Jojo” which saw him performing at venues around the country and being able to apply his love of funk music.

After finishing University, Chris starting teaching guitar, bass and drums in schools and privately for 3 years as well as playing with the function band “!Daft!” which got Chris playing every weekend at weddings and corporate events. One day Chris was offered a new teaching opportunity and this is when he came across the Rock Project. He instantly found it a refreshing and fulfilling way to teach music to all ages and was really impressed by how quickly the students improved in their instruments. After just over a year of working with the Rock Project Chris was eager to get more involved and open schools of his own and pass his enthusiasm and knowledge of music to a whole new area of the UK. 

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Rock Project students performing on stage.

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