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Buckinghamshire Franchisee, Mark Pattinson

Mark Pattinson

Mark started playing piano at the age of 8, progressing through classical and contemporary training whilst challenging himself to learn guitar on a self-taught basis, essentially to broaden his musical horizons and as a means to further share his passion with others.  


His own musical youth led to a BA degree in the subject, followed by ad hoc projects in writing, arrangement and performance of various musical styles, working with both children and adults alike.Mark says:- “I know for sure that I was running home for the weekly Top 20 (lunchtime !) before anyone else in my class at school !

Since those heady days I’ve lost count of how many people have told me how much they wish they could play an instrument or perform in a band. My personal belief is that traditional teaching methods were often a  little scary (I somehow survived !) and far less fun than learning in a contemporary environment.

This has given me all the motivation I need to help offer  younger people that opportunity and encourage them to develop a skill for music that will last a lifetime. First and foremost I have long believed that the first rule of learning music is to enjoy the sounds and the hands-on experience, whatever  the level of ability. That is the trigger from which confidence and creativity begins to flourish !

A ready-made opportunity to play and learn as a band, with all instruments provided, is something that I would have jumped at in my early days! I can at least console myself by providing a foundation from which youngsters can have great fun, whilst making new friends and developing a common interest in music”

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Rock Project students performing on stage.

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