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Northants Franchisees

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Lawrence & Lina Butler

Lawrence started performing as a percussionist in and around Hong Kong at the age of 10. He has performed to audiences of thousands and was broadcasted on prime time television, although his true calling as a professional drummer started at the age of 21 when he had an opportunity to play on a modern drum set. His passion became an unstoppable force that pushed him to perform with various artists and bands across the UK; as well as get a degree in Creative Musicianship. Lawrence has been part of The Rock Project Bucks since 2017 where he worked as a drum teacher and session leader.


Lina became fascinated by music at the very young age when she saw a piano concert being performed live. She joined music school at the age of 8, and was classically trained for 11 years. She performed classical pieces for many years, and attended music festivals with her choir which gathered thousands of people from across the country. 


After graduation, Lina took a break for a few years from the intensity of music school until she got invited by Lawrence to join his cover band (Jam Basket) as a keyboard player, and it was a huge eye opener as she learnt to adapt to a completely new environment and style. This new venture brought her back to music and a new-found love for performance. After a couple of years of learning and experimenting, Lina and Lawrence formed an original electronic music duo  under the name of Impulsive Response which they work hard on during their time off. 


After getting married and moving to a small village, Lina and Lawrence decided to start something new together, which has led to the beginning of The Rock Project Northampton.

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