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Torbay Franchisee

Cameron Mills

Cameron Mills

Living in Devon all of his life, Cameron has always had a huge passion for performing, listening and teaching music.


Under his stage name of Thomas Cameron, he has toured the UK and Ireland as a soloist, selling out world-renowned venues such as The National Concert Hall of Ireland in Dublin, as well as being recognised and nominated for awards such as the ITV Classic Brit Awards 2019, Best in Music 2019 and appearances on BBC Television and radio stations across the UK and Ireland.


Cameron has guided many musicians with their music, with one of his biggest successes being the Amazon chart-topping single 'A Million Dreams' by Bow Community Primary School, reaching Number 2 in the official Amazon music pop chart!  This resulted in it being streamed, downloaded and viewed tens of thousands of times. This even caught Hugh Jackman’s attention, with a personal message from the man himself!

Cameron says, “I am really enjoying running The Rock Project and to be inspiring the next generation of musicians. The whole ethos of the sessions, lessons and end of term gig is exactly what I believe in and I can’t wait to bring it to Torbay!”

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