Rock Project sessions are divided into two age groups: 7 - 11 year olds (Juniors) and 11 - 18 year olds (Seniors)



The first hour of the session is when you have a lesson in an instrument of your choice in a group of 4 or 5 students of similar ability. You can choose either Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar or Vocals. Our team of experienced tutors choose the songs that you learn to play each week although we are always open to suggestions from students! We try to learn a new song each week but sometimes if a song is more difficult we will carry on trying to perfect it the following week. 


This is your chance to put into practice what you learnt in your lesson. A drummer will have the chance to perform with a couple of guitarists, a bass player and a student from our vocal group to  perform live as a real band It is usual for all senior students to get up and perform in the Plug & Play session as it is performing (and of course practising at home) that will help you to improve your playing. Throughout the year we assess which songs would be suitable to be performed in the end of year Showcase Concert.

Once all students have played the ‘song of the week’ the session is thrown open to any students who want to get up and play something that they will have prepared themselves. This may be a song that we have learnt in a previous session or something completely new. This part of the Plug & Play session is usually where bands start to form

The Rock Project Senior Sesson

The Musicmaster quiz brings the session to a close. You will be in a team with 3 or 4 other students and each week you will be asked 10 questions. The questions can be about anything from Megadeath to The Beatles, Who had an album called AM to name the members of Blink 182. points are awarded for correct answers and at the end of the year Showcase Concert, there are medals or trophies for the winning team!


The Rock Project is the UK & Ireland's premier school for children's contemporary music tuition. We offer group lessons in electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals and the opportunity for young people aged 7-18 years old to put their musical skills into practice by performing regularly each week as part of a band.


B10  Trem y Dyffryn



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United Kingdom

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